Transform Through Animals

Animal Communication in the Afterlife

Helping you delivering messages and signs from your animal in the afterlife

You will find clarity, ease after grieve and positive changes with my communication sessions.

The book and card deck is especially written for those who are in the process of letting their beloved furry friend go or are grieving over their pet. Publishing date spring 2023.

What are your sorrows or questions about your deceased friend?

Overcome your Grief

Instead of being consumed by guilt and regret, worried that your pet can never forgive you, you want to feel calm and centered when guilt hits you.

Ease Guilt and Regret

Instead of being stuck in guilt and regret, you want to have a way to move forward with peace and joy in your heart, feeling connected to your pet.

Receive Inspirational Messages

You want to experience the beauty and wisdom of messages from pets that have passed and that your pet is okay and that he or she forgives you.

Introduction in Animal Communication

Listen to an interactive animal communication reading in this video 

Animal Communication helps you to overcome your grief, depression and unanswered questions. During a session, I connect with you on a deep level and help you with:

  • did they struggle or were they in pain
  • was it time to die
  • what signals can I receive
  • what spiritual message can I receive

The signals I received from my beloved horse were to the point and something Mirjam couldn't know. It was I could smell my mare again and was touched by the little air that came up out of the blue.




Thank you so much for the valuable conversation with our deceased cat Dipsy. It helped us with our grief knowing she is ok now. Also we were very touched by the things you couldn't know but showed us! Wonderful!


Christa with Dipsy


Mirjam helped me overcome my grief. For years I was having questions and felt guilty about how we said goodbye. The Universal messages my Sam reached out to me were so loving. I feel so relieved! My new cat is now so welcome.