Transform Through Animals

There are five reasons why animals come into our lives.

  1. Firstly they want you to take care of them, for their love and companionship.
  2. Secondly we like to train them so we exercise, bound and improve ourselves or get the best out of our furry friend.
  3. Thirdly they want to mirror us so we learn more about our behaviour, our health and way we act.
  4. Fourthly is that a lot of animals want to heal us when we feel bad or get sick.
  5. The last one is that we can grow spiritually. They try to send us  different signals and messages. It's up to us to listen to our beloved ones.

In 2022 I will publish my book about these five reasons, so you can get a better picture why your animal entered in you life. I'm really excited to share this with you.

I'm working on an extended programme in English but for now I'm offering Life Coaching with the help of Horses. Learn more what I can do for you in Spain (Malaga). 

With love from Andalucia, Mirjam.