Mirjam Diepenbrock

Mirjam Diepenbrock

Intuitive and energetic mediator between humans and animals

– Animal Communicator, Healer, Coach & Author –

Hi, I’m Mirjam.

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"Being intuitive is not special, but following your intuition is!"

Hello beautiful soul,

Do you love your pet? Have you ever wondered what is going on behind those beautiful eyes? Do you want to know if they’re in pain, sad, scared or if it’s time to say goodbye? Animals have a universal language that we can all understand. It’s clear, direct and simple. All we have to do is listen to its frequency.

My role is to listen to the thoughts, feelings and insights of animals and share them with you. I believe that communicating with animals is a natural ability that anyone can develop. As a professional animal communicator, my goal is to raise awareness, increase compassion and improve relationships with our furry friends, especially at difficult times such as goodbyes and passing.

You can also develop your own sensitivity by learning Animal Communication. I have been teaching this for over 20 years and would love to teach you. I am passionate about building bridges of understanding about the afterlife of our beloved animals. I do this through my book and consultations. Please let me know how I can help you.

Love, Mirjam

Animal Soul Academy

What animal professionals say about me

""What a difference the reading has made! The connection with my dog has strengthened immensely and the insight you have given me is overwhelming. I am only halfway through your course but it has already given me so much. Wow!."
Michelle Venema
Course Participant
"Mirjam's book is a must-read. For both the owner and the therapist, the passing of animals is a profound event. You learn how to peacefully support your pet during the farewell process."
Karin Groot Jebbink
"Mirjam is a gem in her field and has realized my dream. Through my dog, I have gained a wealth of knowledge. She has provided me with loving guidance to become an animal communicator myself."
Ann Suvee
Animal coach and communicator

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